Our First Question

Rare candid photo of me

“Why” – The easiest question to ask; the hardest question to answer.

This is my first blog post ever. I have plenty to say, but before I start blogging all of my incredibly deep insights about the world and how it works (if you’re missing the sarcasm already then this blog may not be for you) I felt I should answer the question of “why am I starting a blog”? This is not for you, who probably don’t give a damn why I’m now blogging, but more for me, who is indeed curious of the answer to the question. It’s a reality check.

Q: Why am I starting a blog?   A: I am passionate about  a realistic, objective, informed and productive world view, and I want to share my observations and commentary on what I see, and have seen, and what I learn, and have learned.

That read somewhat like a resume.

The content will be mostly comprised of questions (hopefully intelligent questions) that ought to spur you on to think, debatable theological issues, thoughts on the human condition, and other varying pretentious pontifications on whatever my fancy that particular day.

So… let’s see what happens.