Am I jumping on the Chick-fil-gimmeabreak bandwagon? Unfortunately, yes.

I don’t care what Dan Cathy thinks about gay marriage. I know what I think about gay marriage. I’m not a president of a national fast food chain. If I wanted to speak out about how I felt about the price of tea in China no one would pay attention.

Have you ever seen two seagulls fighting over a chicken bone? Most likely you haven’t, but it doesn’t take impressive mental gymnastics to understand the image. If you’ve taken an outspoken stance on Dan Cathy’s statement, you do realize that you are one of the seagulls in my analogy, right? The media literally threw a chicken bone right in the middle of our incredibly politically polarized society, and each side, like some scavenging hyena, jumped all over it in some vociferous rant about “fighting legal oppression” and “funding hate groups” (yes, real quotes).

I am officially not taking a stance on the Chick-fil-gay controversy. I don’t judge someone because they sin differently than me. And I don’t get pissed off because someone has different views than me. I have my views and the ones I share, explicitly or implicitly, don’t have to be espoused by everyone around me. Why? Because I respect others and appreciate their individuality. My choices do not have to be their choices, but all of our choices have consequences, good or bad, and I’m okay with that, because that’s the way it is.

Why not the controversy over the greed displayed by the presidents and ceo’s of the oil companies? Why not the outrage over the selfishness and covetousness of the elected politicians who are supposed to be representing us? Doesn’t the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act deserve as much fury from We The People as Dan Cathy’s personal views on marriage, if not much much more? Did you ever hear of Monsanto? Were there as many status updates asking why we spent upwards of $1,000,000,000 on a bombing campaign in Libya as there are about Chick-fil-a protests?

A friend of mine had it right when he posted as his Facebook status “Keep fighting about chicken, everyone”. The world moves in dangerous directions all around you, but you fail to notice because you’ve built your soapboxes too high to smell the crap below you, and you’ve yelled too loudly to hear the small whispers of truth right next to your ears. Stop letting the media tell you what to focus on. Practice discernment and avoid the hype. Stand apart from the masses and swim against the current. Move slowly, but with purpose, and always be listening, listening, listening.

There’s more going on in this life than what we think.



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